Cloud Implementation Strategy

Why is it required?

In today’s world, IT is facing changes in expectations from Customers who want businesses to be innovative, Competition who are looking towards newer business models to build competitive advantage and Consumers or End-users who expect the latest technologies to be delivered to them.

All of these are driving an increased adoption of cloud. It is no longer a matter of whether one should move to the cloud, but about which workloads should be moved to the cloud and whether private or public. So cloud implementation strategy becomes the first step for cloud adoption.









Ingway’s Cloud Service Offerings

Ingways’ Hybrid IT Transformation Services are designed to help IT to conceptualize, design, build & manage Hybrid IT environments. We can help enterprises through various phases of the journey to Hybrid IT – assessment, deployment of public/private cloud, migration to public cloud, cloud integration & automation and eventually Hybrid IT environment management.

With our system integration genesis and IT infrastructure services pedigree, we are best placed to be your trusted partner in your IT-as-a-Service journey. We have the requisite expertise, experience, service portfolio & partnerships to help you to achieve your goals.

Cloud Assess

After performing a deep analysis of your IT infrastructure and its components, Ingways comes up with answers to the following questions –

  • What IT components need to be moved to the cloud for optimum value creation?
  • What is the optimum cloud infrastructure that suits your IT?
  • What cloud management framework is suitable for you?
  • How new cloud infrastructure can be optimized to meet your business needs?
  • Can these cloud services be made available to new set of users like customers and remote branches?

Our cloud experts will perform a thorough analysis on your IT infrastructure and come up with an assessment and road map to cloud migration.

Go Cloud

This service component aims at migrating in house IT workloads to the Cloud
Ingways’ team of engineers will assist and work with your internal teams to plan and migrate the in-house services in a phased manner to avoid downtime and inconsistencies

Ingways’ expertise in Cloud technologies enables our customers choose the best model of cloud.

Private: We can build a private cloud at your datacenter, which optimizes the provisioning of IT infrastructure.

Public: Ingways can identify a suitable cloud infrastructure provider to match customer’s requirement

Hybrid: A hybrid cloud environment leverages in-house infrastructure and cloud infrastructure with a flexibility of managing and moving services between in house and vendor’s cloud as and when business requirement changes.


Once in-house services are moved to the cloud, Ingways’ proven IT Infrastructure Managed Services methodology takes care of your services. Ingways’ ITIL IT service management best practices make sure that there is a clear visibility of cloud support services and our service methodology can be customized to best suit your business goals.

Our Network Operations Center is equipped with People, Processes and Technology to monitor your environment proactively to make it operate at optimum performance.

Customer Benefits

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Reduced Cost

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High Availability

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Competitive Edge

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Flexibility and Agility

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Move your on-premise enterprise infrastructure to a robust cloud-based environment

With out team of certified and highly experienced engineers we can help you create a viable cloud adoption strategy for your customers. Using this cloud adoption strategy we would be able to create a cost-efficient and resilient cloud-based infrastructure that could be scaled horizontally and vertically for various departments across your organization.