Cloud Security Services

Why are they required?

Many businesses have now started to migrate their existing IT infrastructure and systems to the cloud. Even new applications and systems are also being designed suitable for use in a cloud-based environment. However, most of these organizations have very little know-how to managing the security of such apps and systems in the cloud.

The cloud-based environments are not fully secure by default and it becomes paramount to protect your data, accounts, resources and workloads from unauthorized access. Thus, it is quite challenging to protect your cloud-based infrastructure and it becomes essential to design a cloud-adoption strategy keeping in to consideration the best security practices as well as adherence to regulatory compliance as per the governing laws.


Designing a security strategy while planning migrations to the cloud


Configuration of resources in the cloud and applying security policies on them


Real-time monitoring of security incidences


Implementation of Incident Response policies and actions

Managed Security Services to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Threats in Cloud-based Environment

Our security engineers design security at scale and will guide you through the design, setup, monitoring and audit process for a modern could-centric security infrastructure. The cloud offers the benefits of agility, scalability, and flexibility when the environment is secure and data is protected. Therefore, we focus on establishing a security baseline for customers and ensure proper deployment of cloud-based operations and management tools to enhance IT architecture and operations, governance, risk and compliance.

Our cloud deployment experience includes firewalls, IDS, proxies, IPS, SIEM, VPC design, including multi-VPC design patterns; and multi-region redundancy, infrastructure for secrets management, DDoS Resiliency, building custom applications and guiding and implementing security strategies across the AWS cloud platform.

AWS Security, Identity & Compliance Services that We Cover

AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Securely manage access to services and resources

AWS Single Sign-On

Cloud single-sign-on (SSO) service

Amazon Cognito

Identity management for your apps

AWS Resource Access Manager

Simple, secure service to share AWS resources

AWS Security Hub

Unified security and compliance center

Amazon GuardDuty

Managed threat detection service

AWS Config

Record and evaluate configurations of your AWS resources

AWS CloudTrail

Track user activity and API usage

AWS Shield

DDoS protection

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Filter malicious web traffic

AWS Firewall Manager

Central management of firewall rules

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Key storage and management

Achieve Cloud-scale Securely and Improve Security and Regulatory Compliance

Let us assess your organizational readiness for cloud-adoption and implement a range of cloud security services for identity and access management, data and resource protection, application security and audits and infrastructure security.