Migration of all functions of an American Stock Photo Agency to AWS

Migration of all functions of an American Stock Photo Agency to AWS

Customer Profile

The Image Stock Agency Company – It’s an American stock photo agency, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company’s vision is to migrate nearly all of its functions to AWS cloud because of service administration and pricing challenges with its on-premise data center and also with its service provider.


  • Challenges in operations as client has huge heterogeneous IT infrastructure spread across the globe
  • Need to implement and support automated server provisioning and maintenance
  • Lack of scalability for existing physical infrastructure as per their business requirement
  • No proper back up mechanism for virtual environment leading to data loss & longer recovery cycle

Ingways Solution

Ingways provided an overall assessment of 25+ of applications as initial step through an in-depth process of developing a list of assessment questions and inputting those questions.

Over a 6 week time period Ingways developed, conducted and evaluated the assessment. Ingways conducted 2 days Workshop Programme and provided recommendations based on the survey results, the company’s experience and best practice.

Background and Requirement

  • 1200 physical servers into virtual infrastructure and nearly 800 home grown application from legacy platform to new windows and linux versions.
  • The initial approach was to migrate/build/implement by creating virtual instances and installing new windows and linux versions from the legacy platform and porting the application. This approach significantly set back the clients on timelines and hence need better approach.

Customer Benefits

  • Ingways strategic assessment enabled Customer to have a cohesive strategy around which applications and technologies, in their current environment, will translate well into the cloud.
  • The assessment provided to customer with a plan for moving forward, a better vision of their capabilities in the cloud, and the efficiencies they can gain from the migration.
  • Ingways recommended AWS cloud based on the Customer need for flexible capacity, on-demand pricing and fast resource provisioning.
  • Customer will take advantage of Utility Model, which allows them to build a server to host multiple applications, and Utility Framework, to support future infrastructure needs more efficiently, as well as application and systems rationalization for existing platforms.
  • Ingways assisted customer with consulting solutions and best practices as they build their environment as well as provide engineering resources for the build as needed.